ambitious, not pretentious

hgrv consists of a partnership of experienced consultants and managers, and was founded in 1991. We are a no-frills, results-orientated people. Our central tenets include entrepreneurship, professionalism and kinship. Our hgrv consultants had executive positions furnished by large organizations and have years of experience in training and development.

Clients use hgrv in strategically vulnerable renewal or to bring a satisfactory conclusion to complex projects using us in roles as consultants, interim-managers or executive board members. We are the engine behind transformation processes and strive for the expansion of transformation possibilities in organisations. Our clients would like viable results, not easy successes and these results are found in collaboration with them.

We are active in the realm of business service providers as well as in the public sector. In business service providers, our role is mainly in intensive information processing enterprises as well as in the world of (new) media, telecommunications and e-business enterprises. In the public sector, the emphasis is on the policy forming sections of the State Government and in organisations that are involved in the execution of governmental tasks. We are also active in the field of strategic applications of ICT and internet. In our roles as consultants and as managers we have a lot of experience with technologically driven transformation.

We are often effective in and hired for:

  • Strategy development, business modeling, business planning and new business development
  • Organisational design and restructuring
  • The screening and review of organisations and provision of second opinions
  • The development of transformational plans and the implementation of these.

Our clients are those that have the position, the daring and the constancy to make renewal work. We help them with practical and durable solutions and new insights, by temporarily filling positions in management and directorship. Clients can expect thoroughness, dedication, independence and integrity from us. We work with enthusiasm towards the realisation of our projects, even when it gets difficult. Moreover, as a group of professionals, we continuously develop our craftsmanship in business and organisation, by, for example, educational trips.

In order to foster business relationships, hgrv organises subject-specific conferences, workshops and management training. We are often asked to give leadership to strategic conferences or “difficult talks” as independent chairpersons. Moreover, we are involved in training assistance for postdoctoral programs at universities and business schools.

Partners of hgrv are: Willem-Jan van Elk, Roel Geers, Martijn Kole, Ed van Leeuwen, Leo van Veen and Marco de Witte.

Roel Geers interim-ceo bij RDC

hgrv partner Roel Geers heeft vanaf februari 2014 als gedelegeerd commissaris de verantwoordelijkheid voor het RDC op zich genomen. Het RDC is via inMotiv al meer dan 40 jaar een betrouwbare partner voor de informatievoorziening in de mobiliteit sector. Daarnaast ondersteunt het RDC via inFinanz een aantal kernprocessen van organisaties in de financiële sector. Het RDC is gespecialiseerd in gegevenslogistiek en heeft hiervoor met circa 160 collega's een prachtig track record en een mooie toekomst.
Momenteel loopt de werving voor een nieuwe CEO voor het RDC. Verwacht wordt dat de nieuwe CEO in de komende maanden deze verantwoordelijkheid over gaat nemen.

The Future of Media Study Tour 2014

hgrv partner Martijn Kole organiseert van 16 t/m 23 maart een studiereis naar New York en San Francisco / Silicon Valley met als thema The Future of Media Study Tour. Lees meer.

nieuwe publicatie Marco de Witte

Werken aan veranderen wordt steeds gewoner. Toch is het in de praktijk van organisaties lastig om met veranderingen om te gaan.
Al jaren brengt hgrv partner Marco de Witte -samen met andere veranderaars - inzichten en concepten rond verandermanagement bij elkaar in een succesvolle leergang. Het gedachten- goed van de leergang vormt de basis voor het boek Essenties van verandermanagement, geredigeerd door Marco, Jan Jonker en Maurits Jan Vink.
Lees inhoudsopgave of voorwoord en inleiding. En bestel het boek.